In By A Whisker.....

These four started their lives as quilt blocks, but during their "teenage years" decided that they would rather be couch pillow covers.  All the fabrics are from my stash.  Two are gold dots on a cream background and two are from my civil war reproduction stash.  The blue and green are William Morris reproduction fabrics. I'm continuing to shop my stash.  It's a lot of fun rummaging through looking for the "perfect" fabric.  

A couple more rounds of blue and green logs and they will be ready to finish the applique and be backed.  I think my quilting mojo may be on the way back, which I am very happy about!

Between spring cleaning and the shop being open six days a week, there is not a lot of time for crafting.  I took the opportunity of a Sunday at home a couple of weeks ago to dye some Dragonfly Fibers Djinni Sock yarn.  This is one sock's worth.  It's a bit hard to see in the ball, but it goes from dark to darker to darkest.  I'm really pleased with it and when the yarn for the other sock is ready (or maybe before, as I will have free needles soon) the plan is to cast on Cat Bordhi's Pussy Willow Stockings.  Not sure if the colors are going to be running the same or opposite ways yet.  

I went on a bit of a mit knitting jag.  These are a bit ratty looking, as they've not been blocked, but I had been wearing them.  I finished them at the beginning of the cold snap last week and was grateful for them!

About that time I was flush with success at finishing my first mitts with thumbs and decided a pair of too tight socks would make great arm warmers.  You can see I am just about at the right place to start a thumb gusset or just a few rows before where I'd put in waste yarn for an after thought thumb.  I was also trying to get as many projects off the needles before the end of the Cast On All The Things KAL in the Darn Overs group on Ravelry.....

We all know what they say about rushing....nothing for the thumb.  One of the lovely ladies in Darn Overs suggested I do it the same way as EZ's afterthought pocket.  I'll do both thumbs at the same time.

This was Wolfman's slouchie last night.  I've since knit about another 4 inches and it's at the decreasing stage.  I just need to order the right size dpns.   *whispering* Hopefully that means it will be off the needles by the end of the week!

This is my third go at it.  The first was too big, the second too small and I'm hoping to be doing a Goldilocks happy dance because it's (hopefully) the right size!

Cowls are not always the easiest thing to get a photo of, are they?  This one is washed and tucked away in a drawer all ready for next winter.


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