Castonitus can be a wonderful or terrible thing....depending on whether you see your needles as half full or half empty!  I'm in the wonderful camp.  Having a blast casting on projects whenever I fancy.  Over the last few days I've cast on a pair of mitts and intend on following Arne and Carlos' tutorial for how to cast on a pair of mittens.  It's different than the Tin Can Knits tutorial....expanding my technique base can only be a good thing! 

I'd only got as far as 12 stitches into the rib on the wrist before I was struck by a burning desire to cast on Stephen West's Boneyard Shawl.  This is my all time favorite shawl to knit.  I found some Noro Silk Garden Sock, which had been maturing for about four years and cast on.

It's really any excuse to use these stitch markers.....

After frogging and reknitting a few times, I'm going up in needle size from a US 8/5mm to US 10/6mm.  It was just too tight on the smaller ones.  I will see how these go!

She Bop is just about half way throught.  It will probably finish up about ten inches wide, which is great, as I had no idea how far the yarn would go.  If I manage to squeeze out enough yarn to make it eleven inches wide, that will be even better!

A quick add up of projects on the needles is...
 - a hat for Grey, which he needs to try on, as I have the funny feeling it is going to be too big.
- a pair of vanilla socks.
- She Bop (cowl, with a made up as I go along pattern).
- Spindrift by Helen Stewart.
- Boneyard by Stephen West.
- a pair of Tin Can Knits super simple mittens
- a pair of Arne and Carlos mittens.

That will keep me going for a while!


  1. I feel like I have a ton of WIP's but I don't think I have many more than you Sue. I have my Sonder Shawl by Helen Stewart, my Fugra Lace Shawl, my socks-The Yellow Pair by MARIA ZILAKOU, and finally the Birch Tree Scarf. I know I have more things listed on my project page, but these are the real ones I am working on.


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