WIPocalypse Check-in

I'm taking part in the 2017 WIPocalypse, which is being run by the lovely Melissa.  Thank you, Melissa for taking the time out from tip toeing around barefoot mines to run the SAL.

I'm trying to get ahead with my cross stitch Christmas ornament this year.  I changed the white in the Joy ornament to green, as I don't have any white threads in my stash.  

Melissa is posing a question of the month and this one is "What Stitch-a-Longs (SALS) are you participating in this year? 

Up to now, just two, this one and Heather's 2017 Smalls SAL.  I'm aiming to have a finish for posting in that one next month!

The picture on the left is of the "socks that shall be nameless"....nasty little buggas! lol  I'm half way through the second sock and keep making the most crazy mistakes...I will have a new pair of socks by the end of next week, even though I feel like taking lighter fluid and a match to them! lol  I've made a mental note of no more black, splitty yarn!

The hat is a no pattern slouchie made with King Cole's Riot.  I find it hard to go past self striping yarn and this is such a fun one.  I love the random paler green stripe.  It was totally unplanned, but a fun addition.  I used a twisted rib pattern for the brim.   Hand knit hats are in the same category as hand knit socks....one is never enough!

I've been hunting through my quilting fabric stash on and off for a while now, looking for this fabric.  The plan had been to make a draw string knitting bag out of it, but the Universe had other plans.  I was rummaging for a yard and a half piece of fabric tonight for a kitchen apron when it popped up.  It was fate.  There may be enough to squeeze some kind of a knitting bag or accessory after the apron.  Fingers crossed!


  1. Lovely stitching and knitting - I love the hat! That fabric will be perfect for an apron - good find from your stash.


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