A Finish and a Mystery

These are my first finished socks for the year.  It's my vanilla pattern, which is based on the Yarn Harlot's vanilla sock pattern.

A few days after posting....the socks are the third pic down!

Of course, since I finished one pair of socks, I had to immediately cast on another pair.  The cake of mystery yarn has been recaked.  You wouldn't think they were the same weight would you?   This pair is going to be knit cuff down, with an afterthought heel with matching toes in Valley Yarns Huntington (mustard color).  This will be the first time I've knit an afterthought heel or different colored toes.

Fast forward a few days..... Knit until the color changes, then swap to the other set of needles....repeat.

I was very glad to get this pair of socks finished.  I found the Kroy yarn very splitty and knitting black on fingering weight yarn is not something I aspire to doing ever again! LOL  I'm sure I will like them soon enough.

Startitus continues.  Last night I did the cast on round for a pair of mittens by Arne and Carlos using their tutorial.  This was after I ripped back and started Tin Can Knits' The World's Simplest Mittens.  Then, on Instagram this morning, I saw Lynn B's start for Janina Callio's Pretty Basic shawl and I know there's some Ella Rae in my stash, which would be just perfect, plus I want to knit another Stephen West's Boneyard shawl.  (it's my favorite car knitting project and I have the perfect yarn for it)....then there's the String of Pearls shawl by Sarah Lehto, which I have the yarn picked out for and it's on my Rav project page, so that one HAS to be started!   


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