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This started as a leader and ender project, but rapidly became the snow weekend project.  Only nine more blocks to make before I can start putting the top together.  The colors are completely washed out because it was such a gloomy day.

The quilting is just about finished on this little wall hanging.  The cat's face is foundation pieced from a purchased pattern.  The hearts are foundation pieced, too.  I had drawn up a pattern, but it seems to have gone for a walk.  Which normally wouldn't be a problem, but....

This fabric with teeny roses is screaming make me into hearts.  Looks like it is time to get the pencil and graph paper out.

This is the original cat quilt.  The quilting on the left is wobbly, but Wolf Man says he wants it anyway.  There's about 1/3 of the sleeve to be stitched on the back, add eyes and then it will be finished.

I'm down to embelishing the winter tree wall hanging with snowflake buttons.  I have 49 buttons to play with, but that may be a bit much!  The snow is going to get more sparse as it gets closer to the ground, I think.  These three small wall hangings should be finished this time next week.   

The Truck Bug has found a home dangling from the windscreen of Wolf Man's truck.  This was one of the goodies I put in his Christmas stocking.  

The leg on one of the self striping socks is finished.  I put it on a life line, as I thought that I'd left the rest of the yarn and other dpns at the store.  I found them in the sock project bag.  Helps if you look! lol  

Progress is being made on yarn winding.  It is mostly sock yarn.  Lots of lovely sock knitting for the rest of the year and probably beyond!  Just like this cake of Wunderkleckse by Schoppel-Wolle,


  1. You have lots of things going on to keep you busy. I love purple, so the first project caught my eye first.:) I really like your self striping socks too. Lots of pretty bright colors which I'm partial to. Looks like you are all set for the year with your sock yarn cakes. Will be watching to see what you make from it.


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