WIPocalypse January 2017

Happy New Year!  I hope you enjoyed your celebrations.

I've joined Measi's Musings WIPocalypse for the first time.  I'm excited about it, as knitting socks and hats seemed to take over last year and it's cross stitch's turn to shine!

I'm from Australia and live in North Carolina with my lovely husband, Wolf Man, two dogs, a snake and a veiled chameleon.  I've been a cross stitcher for thirty something years, a quilter for about twenty and a knitter for about sixteen.  My taste in cross stitch is fairly eclectic.  I like everything from tiny traditional ornaments to Teresa Wentzler designs.  Biscornu and Christmas ornaments are my favorite things to stitch.

Wolf Man asked me if I would stitch this for him a couple of years ago and I said I would, but didn't tell him how long it would take! HA!

*sigh!*  Please excuse the poor quality of the photo.  Late night snapping and camera phones don't mix!  Moving to a new country and also being newly married (2 1/2 years....yay!) got in the way of cross stitching and this found its way into a dark hole in the Den of Inequity (my craft room) until last night.  This needs to be finished by the beginning of August, as I'd like to give it to Wolf Man as an anniversary present at the beginning of September.

I'm planning on a tapering rotation, not quite sure how I'm going to work it, as I plan on doing the same kind of rotation for my quilting, too!

I need to have a dig around and a good tidy up in the Den of Inequity, as I'm not sure if I have a partly finished UFO of this one.  This is the second in my rotation.

Joy is my third project in this rotation.  My thinking is Joy gives a bit of instant gratification, with being small,  Like Home isn't huge, so I will be able to see the end in sight.  Then there's the biggie....In Harmony.  When I get to the stage where I feel like there's no end in sight, I should just about be ready to put Joy on the finishing pile and be ready to pick the next small one,  Which will be like a stitchy carrot under my nose to get a some more done on In Harmony.

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else is up to this month and I've sent a request to join the fb group, too.  Woohoo!  Looking forward to a stitchy filled year. 


  1. Welcome to the group. Your wolves look like they will be challenging, but beautiful when done. Looking forward to updates and reading more about your stitching adventures as the year goes on. This is my 4th or maybe even 5th year participating.

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